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I had the pleasure of working with Alexander at Jung von Matt. A place where stress comes with the agency-name. It is always amazing to find people in your environment who seek for the best possible solution. Alexander is one of these rare gems. Always trying to improve the project with a smile on his face. I would be fortunate to have the chance to work with him again. Best of luck to him, though people like him don't need luck. They make their own.

Andre Price Freelance Creative Director & Teacher Jung von Matt Academy

From Nerd to Nerd

Meeting Alex on the floor, or when he drops by your office, is like an explosion of laughter, knowledge and quick decisions that move the projects forward each and every day in the best possible spirit. I have had the pleasure of working with Alex on many different clients within JvM and I have not once received client feedback that was not “over the moon” with the output and direction. Alex is meticulous with detail, as his position requires, and tirelessly improves his team’s skills and morale by investing his leadership skills and time into developing them and the agency products further. His creative eye has been trained over many years of honourable service to his employers and to his team. His software and production knowledge, his general knowledge and his nerdiness, all lend themselves to his “our best is not good enough” output and vision. Great guy and a great leader.

Gary Payn Executive Creative Director & Expert Nerd


Alex has both accompanied some of my works and edited several of them himself. His feedback and dedication has inspired me for years. It is always a pleasure to meet him and to create with him. You definitely come out of these conversations with a smile! Continue with the excellent work!

Claus M. Morgenstern Photographer & BFF Professional